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iMEGA Confident About Internet Gambling Challenge

2nd October

iMEGA President, Edward Leyden, expressed overall confidence in a favorable decision related to Internet gambling. 

Speaking before a room of delegates at this year's i-Gaming Expo and Congress in Barcelona, Leyden told of how the Honorable Judge Cooper has a reputation for being a "detail-oriented and technologically savvy judge". 

iMEGA, a trade organization that believes consenting adults have a fundamental right to engage in transactions over the Internet, even if said transactions involve gambling, has challenged what they believe to be an "unconstitutional" law banning some forms of Internet gambling. 

"We had a preliminary hearing last week where the US argued that nobody has been harmed by the passage of the UIGEA," said Leyden. "Our legal team argued otherwise, stating that many people have been harmed by its passage.  Judge Cooper acknowledged what a complex issue we have.

A series of regulations were issued to the banking community for addressing prior to mid-December. Leyden complimented the regulators for "taking great pains to be fair even under much political pressure."

"Essentially, we have regulations that may not come into effect as originally written," said Leyden. 

The regulators have not defined what is "unlawful" online gambling. Leyden also explained their choice of Circuit Court. A favorable outcome this time around will certainly instill confidence in iMEGA, but the government is likely to appeal. The Appeals court where the case would ultimately end up has a reputation for being very favorable towards cases related to constitutional rights. 

A decision in this matter will be made within the next 30 days.

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